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Who we are


      What is Olivos Jazz Club

A friend’s groups who organizes jazz meetings.


Which is his purpose

To generate a meeting place for argentine and foreign musicians so they can perform the new bands, the last compositions or just play in the several spontaneous bands of the jam sessions in each meeting.


How its works

The O.J.C. meets every Thursday from 20 Hs. Normally presents a main figure previously programmed. Before and after this, bands with the present musicians at the Club are conformed.


Where its works

Actually shows are running at the Confiteria Alvear, Alvear 462, Martinez, Provincia  de Buenos Aires; a pleasant familiarly and air conditioned ambient.



The staff of the O.J.C. plans each meeting and share their tasks: contact musicians, bands, others Jazz Clubs and advertising media, arrange next show and keep up a graphic and audio file.

There is no a vertical structure, so the staff works in mutual agreement encouraged in the upshot of each meeting.




*      The  conform  of  different  styles  bands  as  the  results  of  the  repeated  meeting  of  musicians  with  the  same musical interest,  like Swing Samplers, Buenos Aires Hot Seven and Teromax Forte.


*      To show a mixed program to an loyal audience (average hundred persons) in each meeting.


*     To be an inobjectable joint place of musicians, professionals or amateur, with a large development or just beginners, in a partner and cordial ambient.



A non lucrative entity with the firmly decision to support the argentine jazz, understanding it like a very important exponent of our culture, so today, in  hands of renowned national musicians is far reaching frontiers.




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        Diseño y  Administración:  Antonio y Claudio Sofia - cocosofia@ciudad.com.ar


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